AddCon 2017 - "Power of the Past, Force for the Future"

AddonSoftware's 2017 conference was held on October 18-20, in Albuquerque, NM.


Why Do All of This Yourself? - In this big picture strategic and technical session, we describe the goals of the renewal of AddonSoftware and talk about the future-proof nature of the solution. We also discuss how the channel partners that serve you have been empowered to be more efficient in delivering and maintaining customizations through the upgrade cycle. We cover the various 'built-in' functions of the solution that remove the necessity of having to augment it with third-party components. We talk security, auditing and disaster recovery. We'll set the scene for the conference and launch the 'show'!

Queries, Documents, and Google-like Search (Oh My!) - All business applications at their core consist of gathering data, manipulating data and outputting data. The process by which these tasks are done and especially the mechanisms now available to introspect and massage the data have moved forward in leaps-and-bounds. Paper-output is seldom necessary and instantaneous transmission of data is the order of the day. In this session you'll see firsthand how AddonSoftware has adopted all the new technologies and how that translates into benefits for you. From Google-like searches, to user-driven queries, AddonSoftware has put the user in control.

History and Benefits - With each new annual release of the underlying technology for AddonSoftware, improvements are 'absorbed' into the solution. We'll look back at the yearly milestones and revisit the delivery of the results therefrom and illustrate how non-intrusive they are to the users. The past is often a good predictor for the future, by seeing how far we've come; we'll see how far we might go.

Document Archiving - In the simple construct of a system as being data-in, data manipulation and data-out, it's relatively easy to keep electronic copies of data generated by the system, the data-out part. But what about the data-in, how does one manage that data after it has been 'captured'? And how does one keep track of both the data-in and the data-out? With the new document archiving subsystem that's under development, we'll show you how it can be done, driving efficiencies in your organization and allowing some of your resources to be freed up to improve on customer satisfaction. This is one session that you can't afford to miss.

New AddonSoftware Features Part 1 - It's been almost 10 years since the release of the first of the new modules; we'll go through the modules and highlight the new features of each. Part one will cover the exciting Business Intelligence Digital Dashboard, Accounting modules and the AddonSoftware provided interface to the popular Goldmine CRM product.

New AddonSoftware Features Part 2 - Part two of the new features session series covers Distribution and Manufacturing including Bill of Materials. We'll look at the Addon Store, a web store offering to augment your normal brick-and-mortar activities. We'll also discuss examples of customization projects that deliver mobile and desktop web components like enabling order confirmation and payments to be entered directly via email links to one's customers.

New PayrollIf you need Payroll or are running the older AddonSoftware version and want to benefit from all the new features, this session is for you. This fast-paced session will pack in a review of the plethora of new enhancements from electronic payments, through keeping all historical data, to the multitude of built-in reports. Electronic or printed W2 and W3 tax forms, the ability to flag employees as active or inactive and report on the data accordingly and a host of additional capabilities will be covered including the ability to deliver customizations.

Low Risk Step-Wise Upgrades - This session addresses the question most often asked by those who have not yet upgraded or who want further customizations to their applications. We show how you can begin to get the benefits of the new functionality in AddonSoftware without having to commit to a wholesale redevelopment of customizations that have accrued to your existing version. You can mix-and-match the old versions with the new on a module-by-module basis, even running a mix of character-based 'green screen' parts of the application with the new graphical components. At the simplest level, leverage the improved decision making power of the Business Intelligent Digital Dashboards while keeping the rest of the application unchanged or go a step further by also replacing the normally unmodified General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll modules with the new modules. Consider investing in small incremental projects to bring on new functionality that will provide you with a good return on your investment. It's all low risk and delivers a good ROI.

New Business Intelligence Features - Your data is served up graphically and you can share it via email, save it, and export it to your favorite spreadsheet program like Excel

Expresso and Grid Lookups

GoldMine and AddonSoftware Enhancements

Payment Processing

NEW Payroll 

Report Control, Search, and Archiving

Bank Reconciliation


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