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Jugs SportsJUGS Sports. In 1970, John Paulson began looking for a pitching machine for his two sons, John Jr. and Butch. After researching the machines on the market, he found that they were lacking in many areas. Most were prone to fall apart under normal use, were too heavy and hard to move, would not throw strikes consistently, and would not throw realistic curves.

Paulson purchased a patent covering the use of pneumatic tires to throw baseballs and incorporated some ingenious ideas of his own to create a new pitching machine. In 1971, he established the JUGS Company - now called JUGS Sports - with the JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine, named after the old-time baseball expression "jug handle curve." Key to the machine’s instant popularity were its portability, durability, and its ability to accurately throw all types of pitches, especially curveballs.  

The JUGS machine developed into one of the most revolutionary training aids for all phases of the game of baseball. With its ability to accurately throw more than 600 pitches over the plate in one hour, at any speed or spin desired, JUGS is the best training aid for players of all ages. In fact, 94% of all baseball players entering professional baseball in the last five years have developed their skills with the help of JUGS.

Paulson also invented a softball machine that throws risers, drops, and slow pitch tosses; a football passing machine that can throw a perfect spiral over 100 yards; a soccer machine that "hooks" high arcing corner kicks right into the goal; and equally impressive JUGS machines for training purposes in field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, and cricket. His JUGS Combination Pitching Machine throws baseballs, softballs, and tennis balls. A patented "quick change" design switches the ball chute size allowing the user to go from baseball and tennis to softball in a matter of seconds. This combination machine is the answer for schools with tight budgets.

The JUGS Company also manufactures practice baseballs and softballs, heavy-duty batting cage nets, soccer goals, automatic ball feeders, and the JUGS Radar Gun. This is the first radar gun designed specifically to measure the speed of a baseball, thereby helping pitchers master their craft.

With all the new products and increased sales, The JUGS Company needed a computer system that could handle the load. Working with a consultant, John chose a computer dealer after reviewing five companies over a year-long computer system search. After almost five months into the implementation process, the dealer declared bankruptcy.

"For support, we wanted to stay with someone in our backyard, who had a proven track record and clientele in the area," said the controller of JUGS Sports.  "AddonSoftware was the clear choice."  Since purchasing AddonSoftware Manufacturing, Distribution, and Accounting software in 1997, the controller said that their software knowledge is now within the company instead of with the sole proprietor who developed their first system.

"I understand how the software works which allows me to analyze the cost/benefit feasibility of changes requested by the users," said the controller.

"Where they viewed the old system as a necessary evil, they see the AddonSoftware system as an ally and tool they can use to find information."

 "The inventory module is more user-friendly and comprehensive than the one we were working with, making it easier to control inventory," he added. This is of added importance as the company has introduced new products aimed at consumers. The core businesses are schools, colleges, coaches, youth leagues, and individuals.

"Support is essential to us. AddonSoftware is very easy to work with, accessible, and knowledgeable about their products," the controller said.

The Office Manager of  JUGS Sports said: "There is a night and day difference! With a single person supporting our old system, it would go down every time he went out of town! Now we get immediate results even to little suggestions. The software is more user-friendly and we have more confidence in it. We know the report numbers are correct. It’s easy to learn aspects of the system, and it’s endless as far as what it can do."

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