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AddonSoftware is pleased to announce the 2017 conference "Power of the Past, Force for the Future" - mark your calendar for October 18-20, in Albuquerque, NM. Don't miss this opportunity to get an indepth look at how your tried and trusted ERP has evolved. The productivity improvements, instant access to data and business decision making features make this a must attend event!

Come and see how you can benefit from these improvements without disrupting your business. We'll show you how you can get there one step at a time with our low risk hybrid approach. Growing your business means evolving to meet your customer's needs. Modernizing your ERP system will give you that competitive advantage. Details HERE

AddonSoftware® is a customizable ERP business solution with the powerful and unique ability to preserve customizations through the update cycle. Our go-to-market strategy provides our partners with a core set of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing building blocks, our developer partners then tailor the solution to meet the exacting business requirements of their customers. 


• Accounting   • Distribution  • Manufacturing  • Payroll  • CRM

NEW Press Release - AddonSoftware ERP and GoldMine CRM Release an Integrated Solution


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