AddCon2019 - "Force for the Future, eXtending Your Reach"

Thanks to all attendees of AddonSoftware's 2019 conference held on October 31 - November 1, in Las Vegas!


Conference Sessions

  • Key 2019 Features
    • Streamline your payables processing with the option to pay your vendors electronically. This new feature adds new payables efficiencies while maintaining security and reporting needed in today’s business environment. Shipment Tracking - A new interface to shipment tracking software enables your team to know the location and status of outbound packages. Tracking numbers, weight, and freight costs are automatically maintained with 3rd party interfaces or can be manually entered as a part of Order Entry to assure that accurate information is available when the question of ‘Where is my shipment?” is asked.
  • Disaster Recovery - Ransomware
    • A business is much more than a brick and mortar location; it is also the sum of its information and data. That is why losing a physical location or hardware is not nearly as bad as losing important company data and the ability to process that data for the business. Be sure to have a plan to recover the data, AND be able to process that data, to provide business continuity. With AddonSoftware's technology, you have the flexibility to store and retrieve data in near real-time AND most importantly, instantly verify the copy. A new feature of our replication capability is to preserve your data on the target should ransomware compromise the source. With AddonSoftware's technology, you can recover your data and instantly have business continuity and have the ability to run your mission-critical applications in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Credit card payments can be accepted and automatically entered into Cash Receipts by AR staff via a new option on the Customer form, or directly online by authorized customers through the BUI Customer Payment Portal. Gather data for credit card payments using either a local input form or hosted payment page to reduce your PCI burden. Supports several gateways such as NMI, PayPal, and Responses from gateways are saved for historical inquiry, and are also accessible from the Customer form. 
  • Just Add Data
    • In this big-picture strategic session, we describe the goals of the renewal of AddonSoftware and talk about the future-proof nature of the solution. We also discuss how the channel partners that serve you have been empowered to be more efficient in delivering and maintaining customizations through the upgrade cycle. We cover the various 'built-in' functions of the solution that remove the necessity of having to augment it with third-party components. We talk about security, auditing, and disaster recovery. We'll set the scene for the conference and launch the 'show'!
  • Productivity Tips
    • This session reviews some of the Productivity Tips presented since the last conference highlighting a particular feature of the ERP solution designed to keep you and your team productive!
  • Inventory Replenishment Cycle
    • Replenishment processing enables your purchasing department to buy more efficiently, improve margins, decrease paper, reduce shipping costs, and reduce inventory levels. AddonSoftware's replenishment process will be fully explained by an industry veteran with a broad ERP background. In this session, he exposes the 'hidden gems’ in the Addon distribution modules that are key to anyone in the distribution or manufacturing industries, where inventory management is a primary focus. 
  • Extending to the Web
    • The AddonStore is a Web Store connected to your AddonSoftware with ordering capabilities and an interface to Inventory, Order Entry, Customer Master files, and the pertinent accounting areas. It includes Search, Shopping Cart, payment, and shipment tracking functionality. The Customer Portal provides secure access for your customers to review orders, order history, and shipping and master profiles.
  • Hybrid Migration
    • This session addresses the question most often asked by those who have not yet upgraded or who want further customizations to their applications. We show how you can begin to get the benefits of the new functionality in AddonSoftware without having to commit to a wholesale redevelopment of customizations that have accrued to your existing version. You can mix-and-match the old versions with the new on a module-by-module basis, even running a mix of character-based 'green screen' parts of the application with the new graphical components. At the simplest level, leverage the improved decision making power of the Business Intelligent Digital Dashboards while keeping the rest of the application unchanged or go a step further by also replacing the normally unmodified General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll modules with the new modules. Consider investing in small incremental projects to bring on new functionality that will provide you with a good return on your investment. It's all low risk and delivers a good ROI.
  • Output Management and Search
    • In this session, we'll explore the various aspects of Document Management. We'll review Document Inquiry and also learn about Document Groups and Document Print Settings and how you use them to map out document generation, access, and archiving. We'll also look at automated document processing via Report Control, where documents are funneled into a queue for transmission by email or fax, as well as options for starting, stopping, and monitoring the queue. Finally, we'll show you how you can use the Expresso Search tool to keep the data you need at your fingertips.
  • Manufacturing Insights
    • AddonSoftware's Manufacturing bundle includes Bill of Materials and Shop Floor Control. BOM is flexible and easy to use for companies that assemble finished goods and manufacture some or all of the components. It provides unlimited levels of material usage and has features that easily define and track material, labor, subcontract, and overhead costs including labor operations and subcontractor steps. Shop Floor Control helps you define, schedule, and manage your production floor efficiently. Automatically or manually schedule each work order, either forward from its start date or backward from the completion date. 
  • General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation Enhancements
    • GL Account Summary information is now retained for all fiscal years instead of for just the current, prior and next fiscal years. Each fiscal year now has a separate fiscal calendar rather than sharing a single fiscal calendar for all fiscal years. Continued improvements in Bank Recon has improved the user-interface and added functions.
  • Output Management and Search
    • All business applications at their core consist of gathering data, manipulating data and outputting data. The process by which these tasks are done and especially the mechanisms now available to introspect and massage the data have moved forward in leaps-and-bounds. Paper-output is seldom necessary and instantaneous transmission of data is the order of the day. In this session, you'll see firsthand how AddonSoftware has adopted all the new technologies and how that translates into benefits for you. From Google-like searches to user-driven queries, AddonSoftware has put the user in control. AddonSoftware leverages document management features from both BBj and Barista. In this session, we'll explore the various aspects of Document Management. We'll review Document Inquiry, and cover some aspects that we haven't yet seen. We'll learn about Document Groups and Document Print Settings, and see how you use them to map out document generation, access, and archiving. We'll also look at automated document processing, where documents are funneled into a queue for transmission via email or fax, as well as options for starting, stopping, and monitoring the queue.
  • Document Archiving
    • In the simple construct of a system as being data-in, data manipulation and data-out, it's relatively easy to keep electronic copies of data generated by the system, the data-out part. But what about the data-in, how does one manage that data after it has been 'captured'? And how does one keep track of both the data-in and the data-out? With the new document archiving subsystem that's under development, we'll show you how it can be done, driving efficiencies in your organization and allowing some of your resources to be freed up to improve on customer satisfaction. This is one session that you can't afford to miss.
  • Integrated Payroll Module
    • The Addon Payroll Module was rewritten to work within Barista, to allow for perpetual Information, and meet current reporting requirements and standards. The perpetual nature allow you to maintain historical Employee Data, as opposed to the Annual Purge that occurs in other packages, and online services. You have direct control over your payroll, its expense allocations, and accuracy, which seems to be a common theme of settling for less with the outside services because of cost. The Shop Floor timesheet entry can be directly integrated as the Daily Time Sheet entry process for Payroll.
  • Business Intelligence at your Fingertips
    • AddonSoftware's dashboards deliver data as it happens and display it the way YOU want it. They provide a quick method to measure performance, reveal patterns, and expose trends to improve business intelligence by visualizing your data. Dashboards save you time and money by making your data both easier to observe, export, and email.
  • Expresso Grid Look-ups
    • Expresso is command central for a whole host of user-defined queries with column totals, sort and search filters, hyperlinks to more detailed data with a host of output options. It's designed to let you quickly move or drill down from one table to other, related tables.
  • Payment Authorization
    • This handy feature has been made more intuitive and user-friendly in both "standard" mode and "Payment Authorization" mode, which supports the approver’s electronic signature. Also new is a document viewer for viewing scanned invoices. Authorizations can be processed hierarchically both in the office or remotely.
  • Distribution Processing Insights
    • Efficiency and speed continue to be enhanced in these areas. Quickly create a new Purchase Order from within the Purchase Order Entry task by duplicating a historical receipt streamlining and eliminating errors in the reorder process. Order Entry can generate a Work Order for an item associated with a Bill of Materials when the ordered quantity exceeds the quantity on hand. Both Order and Invoice Entry allow items to be ordered by their Unit of Sale or by their Unit of Purchase. Often an item number is not readily known when creating a Sales or Purchase Order, but AddonSoftware's efficient custom lookup feature quickly presents users with On Hand, On Order, and Committed Quantities and also an image of the inventory item to ensure order accuracy. An image has also been added to the Inventory lookup grid.


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