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This is not just another software product for you to sell. We build long-term relationships. You can build a client base that will last many, many years and produce recurring revenues. We have a deep, proven product line for manufacturers and wholesale distributors and excellent general accounting applications for back-end integration to vertical products, along with a very strong integration toolkit. We also have an excellent development environment for the development of vertical applications that integrate naturally with our other applications.

Our Typical Partner

In addition to a passion for customer service, our typical partner is proficient at programming and either customizes individual customer installations and/or develops and markets applications for specific vertical markets. Some of our partners are made up of a single individual with a few customers, and some are large organizations with multiple offices selling to multiple markets. The key is that the software they sell must be supported, and that is the backbone of our partner community – they provide great customer support to their clients.

Our Typical Customer

AddonSoftware has an excellent product line for manufacturers and for distributors, single location or multi-location. The "typical" customer varies greatly but each is focused on operational efficiency, company growth, low cost of ownership, system reliability, low system administrative costs, and other practical issues. It is generally more important to our customer that their system users have exactly the tools they need to efficiently do their jobs than to have every feature under the sun that they don’t need. These features can get in the way of efficiency, and our typical customer knows that and wants to avoid that situation.

Our Competitive Edge

We have several competitive advantages in our target markets. Our experience is that the competitive advantage that wins one contract might be different from the one that wins another contract, so in order to win consistently, we need several competitive advantages.

  • Deep, excellent feature set for our target markets

  • Software that is easy to customize and support

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Competitive initial selling price

  • Source code to each customer

  • Source code to the partner, including all utilities

Flexibility of Deployment

Our software may be deployed using Linux, Unix, or Windows® servers. Further, the client workstation can be Windows, terminal server, Citrix®, or Linux (XWindows). It may be running software loaded on the client PC, or it may be running a thin client or even a browser.

The software is written in BBj from BASIS International Ltd. BBj runs in Java and can be deployed virtually anywhere that supports a Java run-time engine. Go to for more information.

If you are a VAR organization and are interested in learning more about AddonSoftware as a business opportunity, please complete the Partner Information Request Form or call 1.800.370.9131 in the U.S. or Canada, or +1.505.338.4188 from an international location.


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