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Since 1981, AddonSoftware® has developed practical, affordable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use enterprise-wide software applications for businesses. The companies who use AddonSoftware enjoy The Freedom to Grow® because of its lean efficiency, its scalability, and the experienced professionals who customize and support it.
AddonSoftware Accounting imageWith the AddonSoftware General Accounting System, generate user-defined financial reports any time of the month – current and historical financial information is always up to date. Output financial reports directly to spreadsheets – no need to print them and re-enter the data into Excel. Send any report via e-mail or fax, or output in HTML or Adobe® PDF format at any time.

All of the General Accounting applications are fully integrated for easy, one-time data entry. They are feature-rich, mature, and proven, and they are also fully integrated with Distribution and Manufacturing bundles.


The Accounting bundle is comprised of the following modules:

AddonSoftware for General Accounting fully integrates with the Distribution and Manufacturing bundles.

General Ledger

As the cornerstone of your AddonSoftware accounting system, General Ledger smoothly integrates with all other applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions—no double posting. For easy data access, a full-featured financial report generator is included. General Ledger provides an accurate, detailed record of all entries, giving you a complete audit trail of any and all accounts whenever you need it.

You can generate financial reports whenever you wish, at any time of the month; historical and current information is always up to date. All financial statements are user-defined and may be output directly into Microsoft Excel® - no re-entry of data for financial reporting.

Retrieve financial transactions easily. Current, prior, and future transactions are at your fingertips with the on-line transaction display.

  • Up to 100 companies with consolidation
  • GL Account Summary information is retained for all fiscal years instead of for just the current, prior and next fiscal years
  • Multiple budgets – up to 26 budgets
  • Account Summary information retained for all fiscal years
  • Inactive status for Customer, Vendor, and GL Account tables for clearer reporting and queries
  • Easy-to-use financial report formatting
  • Post to multiple periods/years – leave last year open for 12 full months
  • Allocations, recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Optionally output financial statements directly to spreadsheets
  • Post in detail or summary from other applications
  • Define accounting periods with complete flexibility – from 1 to 13 periods
  • Maintain unit quantities in addition to dollar amounts in any account number for statistical reporting purposes
  • Flexible account number structure – up to 10 alphanumeric characters in 5 segments in addition to 2-digit company code

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Accounts Payable

Efficient cash flow management is critical to any company’s health. The AddonSoftware Accounts Payable application helps you carry out this function with ease and accuracy. You’ll be in complete control of payables tracking, accounting, and management of the accounts payable and check writing functions. Reduce expenses and save time with computer-generated checks, manual checks, and reversed checks – regardless of the size of your company.

  • Streamlined payables processing with the option to pay your vendors electronically adding new payables efficiencies while maintaining security and reporting needed in today’s business environment.
  • Enter invoices any time
  • Temporary vendor feature
  • Multiple bank accounts for multiple divisions or departments
  • Multiple accounting periods open at the same time
  • Cash reconciliation feature built-in, integrates with Accounts Receivable for cash deposits
  • On-line vendor information always up to date
  • Select invoices for payment by due date, payment group, specific vendor, and other ways.
  • Make partial payments with ease
  • Track all transactions by operator and optionally by batch number
  • Keep complete and accurate records of every vendor and transaction
  • Customize your system with your own terms codes, payment groups, department codes, and more
  • Cash Requirements report for planning

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Accounts Receivable

Profitable companies require accurate and complete control of receivables and efficient cash collection. That’s just what you’ll get from the AddonSoftware Accounts Receivable application. It’s an easy-to-use system with powerful capabilities for processing invoices, cash receipts, statements, and customer reports. It also tracks and controls customer history information completely and accurately.

Track receivables status promptly with Aging Analysis Reports and resolve disputes through a complete invoice and payment history. You can also access finance charges and selectively generate statements. Enhance collection efforts by emailing or faxing invoices or statements to your customers at any time, including copies of historical invoices.

Age customer accounts by any date and print a detail or summary list of open invoices in either customer number or name sequence. The system maintains an aging and sales summary for each customer showing average days to pay, dates of last invoices and payment, highest credit balance, historical sales, costs, and gross profit margin.

  • Accept credit card payments directly into cash receipts processing without relying on and paying for 3rd party utilities with the integrated Credit card feature
  • Salesperson Call List task creates a report of all overdue balances filtered by Salesperson - handy to highlight customers needing to be contacted for payment updates
  • Automatic cash receipts application
  • Convenient data conversion and direct invoicing
  • Multiple customer ship-to addresses
  • Flexible customer comments – up to 100 lines

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