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Acquisition Choices - A national network of software partners delivers AddonSoftware with personal service, local support, and acquisition options to meet your business requirements. In addition to the traditional purchase, AddonSoftware offers an aggressively priced annual rental option to significantly lower the cost of your up front investment.

Deployment Choices - Platform independence means that choosing AddonSoftware does not dictate your operating system nor does it prevent you from changing your system at a later date. You can mix and match client and server operating systems. For example, engineering can run on Linux clients, the creative department on Apple clients, the finance department on Windows clients, and the IT department can choose their preferred server operating system. Live in whatever world you choose.

Development Choices - Tailoring your business software solution to match your workflow and industry practice is a critical element to a successful implementation. AddonSoftware includes the powerful and efficient data dictionary-driven customization tool, Barista®, at no additional cost. There is no need to redevelop current software customizations. As your business grows and your requirements change, you can upgrade, adapt, and efficiently add further customizations.

Tool Choices - There is no need to buy expensive third party applications for the reporting and analysis that you require. AddonSoftware delivers built-in reporting and analysis tools as well as PDF, e-mail, and fax output choices. If you should require additional capabilities, you can easily integrate commercial reporting tools.

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