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AddonSoftware Cloud Services, built on the Barista and BBj foundation, is a new and simpler way of deploying and upgrading your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Now, you have the choice of running AddonSoftware or any other BASIS solution on-premise, just like you are used to, or online in a cloud environment – one solution and one technology set for both options. Our cloud services offering gives you another option in providing the best IT strategy for your customer’s business needs. It makes AddonSoftware more affordable to use, own, and deploy.


Advantages of the Cloud

  • No costly hardware or complex version controls necessary
  • No large capital outlay
  • Quicker installations
  • No under or overused servers
  • New features and functions can be seamlessly rolled out
  • 99.95% uptime
  • Elastic load balancing allows your application to automatically scale up or down depending on need
By offering our full-function ERP solution on Amazon’s world-class EC2 infrastructure, you have access to a stable and secure platform to meet your customer’s business needs more efficiently. AddonSoftware Cloud Services - ERP simpler than ever.
Significant Cost Savings - Our simple, user-based subscription model provides a strong selling statement for upgrades or new sales. There are no large up front costs - no hardware to purchase, install, or maintain. There is no need for complex hardware and software backup systems and their associated annual maintenance contracts. Everything you need is included in the monthly fee.

Performance and Reliability - The performance, reliability, and security are as good, if not better than that of a typical on-premise installation.

Our Experience, Your Benefit - Our experience with Amazon Web Services frees you up to focus on your application development while isolating you from common hardware failure scenarios. We handle the creation of instance types, machine configuration, assigning operating systems, and the installation of AddonSoftware. You have unlimited access to the system to load your databases, manage, configure, and install your customized AddonSoftware.

Configuration and Customization Freedom - There are no restrictions to continuing your customization and solution development in the cloud.

Back-up Service - Your data is secure. An incremental back-up is performed nightly (the same configuration BASIS International itself uses) that includes your entire persistent drive - data and application(s). Additionally, a full back-up is performed once a week.

Replicate Back-ups to Other AWS Regions (Premium Service) - Duplicity is a good thing. Your data and application(s) can be configured to restore to multiple AWS geographic regions to deliver an even higher level of recovery protection. These replicated backups are stored in Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage Service) ready to be deployed in alternate AWS regions.

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